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Pediatrics: Is It Sensory or Is It Behavior? (12 contact hours) (#626)

Course Level:  Intermediate

Item Number:  626

Hours:  12

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Is it sensory or is it behavior? Why is it important to know the difference? Inattention, distractibility, fidgeting, acting without thinking, aggressive or defiant behaviors could be behaviorally oriented or could perhaps have an underlying sensory deficit or a mixture of both. Authors Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, OTR and Betty A. Paris, PT explain that behaviors result from multiple causes & can’t be addressed in a linear fashion with any one single strategy. This great resource is highly recommended for both PT and OT clinicians to help unravel the mysteries of why children adopt certain behaviors. By taking this course, the therapist will learn how to: identify sensory processing disorders, evaluate children with sensory integrative problems, analyze children’s behavior, recognize warning signs, and develop an intervention plan. The authors address temper tantrums, environmental modifications, and sensory diets. Two case studies are included in this course. This is a must course for pediatric PT and OT clinicians and includes the text Is It Sensory or is it Behavior?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***COURSE OBJECTIVES*** At the completion of this course, the therapist will be able to: 1. Define various terminology concerning both behavioral and sensory integration deficits. 2. Determine by observation and questioning from the child, his parents, teachers and others in his/her realm the possible underlying or primary cause of his/her behavior. 3. Determine the following of behavior: the antecedent, possible environmental influences or events affecting behavior, warning signs, prioritizing the need to change the behavior such as stopping, altering, limiting or ignoring, and the consequences to the behavior. 4. Explain deviations in development and its impact on behavior. 5. Explain sensory integration and sensory processing disorders including sensory modulation & self-regulation. 6. Determine if the child is behaving negatively to either “obtain” or “avoid” something and/or if the child is over or under-responsive to stimuli and the environment. 7. Handle & educate concerning temper tantrums & challenging behaviors. 8. Define and develop a “sensory diet” specifically for the at risk child helping him/her toward the ideal “calm-alert” state in order to function appropriately & with success. 9. Implement specific environmental intervention techniques including room set up, noise & sound levels, appropriate visual cues and task presentation to give the child optimal opportunity for success. 10. Determine & implement appropriate protocols and strategies concerning behavior, sensory integration, environment and sensory diets individually or comprehensibly. 11. Educate teachers, parents and other clinicians to implement strategies & protocols and then cooperatively observe appropriate outcomes for continuance of program or determine changes required for success. 12. Determine characteristics & intervention for the child with tactile discrimination deficits. 13. Implement specific strategies for the child with stereotypic, disruptive & destructive behaviors. 14. Analyze two specific case studies. 15. Properly document using the “Analyzing Behavior worksheet” provided & utilize various tables & charts to direct observation & intervention.

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Course Reviews

Very good course that is applicable.
Melanie C., Jan. 7, 2018

Very informational and I loved the book.
Monique M., Feb. 9, 2017

I really liked this course. It was very easy to follow and very applicable
Tracy W., Mar. 29, 2016

Great course with good examples.
Weatherly L., Mar. 26, 2016

I am very pleased with this course. The author presented a very complex subject a straight forth and understandable manner. The information in this course will definitely enhance my practice.
Deborah R. T., Nov. 25, 2015

Absolutely fantastic course!!!
Jenna M., Oct. 8, 2015

Great course!
Cheryl P, Jun. 14, 2015



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