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Mobilizing Bariatric Patients (6 contact hours) (#920)

Course Level:  Intermediate

Item Number:  920

Hours:  6

Price:  $72.00

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*COURSE EXPIRES ONE YEAR FROM THE DATE OF PURCHASE* AOTA Category: 2(OT Process)~~ ~~ Mail format of course material is in a 8 1/2" x 11" booklet.



All healthcare professionals who have been in practice for any length of time have not needed the media to tell them that there is an obesity epidemic. As a therapist, do you feel competent to treat patients of size? This course is designed to help PTs, PTAs, OTs, and OTAs mobilize patients who are obese in a manner that is functional and respectful for the patient and safe for the staff. Learn barriers to mobility, various body types in patients of size and how it affects mobilization and ADLs, when to safely mobilize, state and federal laws for safe lifting, bariatric equipment available, special needs of patients of size in emergency situations, and more. This course is directed to therapists working in all settings, including acute care, rehabilitation, nursing facilities, home health or outpatient clinics. This is an important and necessary course for therapists working in today’s health care system with today’s increasing bariatric population.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***COURSE OBJECTIVES*** At the completion of this course, the therapist will be able to: Unit I: • Define obesity and know how it is measured • Understand the causes and concerns of the recent increase in obesity and what this means for health care in general and for PTs and OTs in particular Unit II: • Understand six barriers to mobility for bariatric patients o comorbidities o skin issues o surgery and post-operative issues o weight-bearing status o patient goals and support system o equipment Unit III: • Know how to make adaptations to obtain accurate vital signs in patients of size • Be familiar with pain issues in patients of size and how to counter them • Define the six body types and know how body type affects mobilization • Know when to safely mobilize patients of size • Know which strategies contribute to safe mobilization • Know how to adjust treatment to address endurance issues in patients of size Unit IV: • Be familiar with state and federal laws/recommendations for safe lifting • Be familiar with bariatric equipment and know when and how to order it for patients in different settings Unit V: • Be aware of special needs of patients of size in emergency situations • Understand the importance of maintaining the dignity of patients in this population • Be familiar with strategies to help you talk to your patients about weight management and health

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Course Reviews

Pertinent information for the practicing therapist. Thank you.
Kathy K., Dec. 13, 2018

valuable information
Donna C., Oct. 28, 2018

Excellent resources; good overview; helpful to be aware of various body types for therapy
Cherie W., Sep. 28, 2015

Great and educational
, May. 22, 2015

This course contained much information on laws concerning "no lift" policies, which I was not aware of. I also found the sections on DME available for bariatric patients helpful.
, May. 22, 2015

I really liked the information regarding the evaluation process and then the flow of how to progress the mobilization of the patient.
, May. 22, 2015

the discussion and listing of the 6 body types for persons of size and the examples of how each body type effects mobility (bed mobility, sit to stand transfers, OOB activity, ambulation, etc). These examples are vital to appropriate treatment approach and in establishing goals with the patient.
, May. 22, 2015

improved decision making when dealing with patients of size. the egress test review was also helpful
, May. 22, 2015

Course well organized with good testing tools
, May. 12, 2015

I appreciated the new approaches presented to assist bed bound patients to begin the process of strengthening to being progression to get out of bed. I never thought of using the lift pad to assist with exercise.
, May. 1, 2015

a Very good course
Karen L, Dec. 26, 2014

Great course. It held my attention
Anonymous, Mar. 5, 2014

Most valuable is the information on bariatric equipment resources
JC, Jan. 23, 2014

Explains BMI calculator, body types and appropriate interventions for each. Use of BORG and 6MWT
TK, Jan. 22, 2014

Addresses information regarding body types and specific problems associated with them.
PP, Jan. 3, 2014



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