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Occupational Therapy with Elders: Strategies for the COTA (20 contact hours) (#300)

Course Level:  Intermediate

Item Number:  300

Hours:  20

Price:  $136.00

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Special Notes:
AOTA Category 1(Domain of OT),2(OT Process). This book is 342 pages.



Skilled nursing facilities are the number one employer of COTA's, and this trend of working with elders is likely to continue as the elder population grows. It is important that COTA's possess a strong knowledge base that allows them to provide the best care possible for our elder population. This course includes the updated (2012) text with information and case studies to instruct the COTA in specific applications of OT strategies. Topics included in this course are: the aging process, cultural diversity, ethics, sexuality, medications, restraint reduction, wheelchair seating, fall prevention, vision and hearing impairments, eating disorders, incontinence, and specific diagnoses such as CVA's, Alzheimer's, orthopedic conditions, cardiopulmonary conditions, and cancer. Case studies are included in this course specifically designed for the COTA.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------***COURSE OBJECTIVES***Upon completion of this course, the therapist will: 1. know the stages of aging and understand their differences 2. understand the concept of ageism in today's society 3. recognize the biological theories of aging including genetic and nongenetic theories 4. understand the aging process, and know how normal and abnormal aging applies to cardiopulmonary, muscular, neurological, integumentary, and sensory systems 5. identify myths and facts about psychological aspects of aging 6. understand healthy coping skills that promote healthy transition with age 7. know health promotion activities that can be incorporated into OT practice 8. understand how COTA participation is valuable to the team during input into the RAI 9. understand the 3 occupational therapy practice models as they relate to aging 10. understand the importance of the COTA/OTR partnership in treating the elder patient 11. know various practice settings that the COTA may work with elder clients 12. understand the need to accept the uniqueness of each individual and the importance of being sensitive to diversity 13. know ethical guidelines and be able to relate them to the AOTA Code of Ethics 14. understand the role of COTA's in family and caregiver training 15. identify myths about elder sexuality 16. define polypharmacy and identify factors that predispose elders to adverse drug events 17. know the role of the COTA in restraint reduction 18. identify reasons and causes of falls in the elder population 19. know the negative impact of poor seating in frail elders and the COTA's role 20. name the common vision deficits in the elder client and identify general principles to increase independence in elders with low vision 21. list environmental modifications that reduce background noise in homes and institutions to improve communication with hearing impaired elders 22. identify the COTA's role in the management of incontinence 23. know the role of the COTA in swallowing disorders 24. know precautions in working with an elder with CVA and strategies for OT intervention 25. understand that elders with Alzheimer's disease are persons first, and know how to communicate with a person with AD 26. know how to intervene in an person who paces or wanders 27. know treatment approaches commonly used with elders who have mental illness 28. know precautions required after hip replacement or fracture 29. identify the effects of osteoarthritis, RA, and gout on occupational performance 30. know principles of joint protection and energy conservation 31. identify signs and symptoms of cardiac dysfunction, and know the role of OT in cardiac rehab 32. understand the role of OT in cancer care

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Course Reviews

really loved this course and it had lots of usable information
Kathy M., Oct. 29, 2018

This was my first self study course and really enjoyed it. It met all my needs, the content was presented clearly and felt the author was knowledgeable in the content areas. I work in acute care so this was very helpful with the clientele I serve.
Lisa T., Mar. 26, 2018

Overall this course was a great resource relating to all areas relating to the elder population. Most often seen in our facility. Very informative.
Margaret P., PT OTA, Nov. 13, 2016

The textbook was very informative and easy to understand.
Araceli V., CA OTA, Aug. 23, 2016

Love the book provided, a lot of good useful information. I will refer back to this book often.
Wendy M., IN OTA, Jul. 11, 2016

great course. very informative and appropriate for geriatric setting.
MS, Jun. 4, 2014

Very educational and practical to my area of practice.
SW, Nov. 1, 2012

The content was helpful to me as refresher, good information and accurate. This was a very good course, thank you for making it available.
JS, Jan. 29, 2012



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